Joe D. Testimonial

Joe D. Testimonial

April 23, 2018

My name is Joe and I’m a heroin addict. I come from a loving, middle class home in Alpharetta Georgia. I first started using drugs at twelve years old and instantly fell in love with the way substances made me feel. I would chase that “high” for the next fifteen years.

Once I finished high school is when my addiction really took off and my life became an unmanageable cycle of incarceration and homelessness. I was completely trapped by my addiction and I was completely hopeless. I had no family support, friends, or resources. After several months on living in the streets in west Atlanta I had finally had enough and made a decision to make a change.

I called my probation officer and begged for a warrant so I could turn myself in. Selfishly, I wanted to go to jail so I could get off the street, and have a bed and three meals a day. Once I finished serving my time (just shy of 6 months) I was released and was determined to stay sober. However, I need help.

I had met Mike Reis of Decision Point Wellness and he gave me the chance I needed. Mike has given me the tools to build a foundation of recovery. He and his staff supported me and offered opportunities to be of service to others who struggled how I did.

My sobriety date is December 3rd 2015. Since I have gotten sober my life and changed more than I ever thought possible. I have a great career and relationships with my family and friends. I have a beautiful wife (also sober) and we welcomed our baby boy in September 2017. Most importantly I have peace and serenity in my heart and soul.

I will be forever grateful to Mike Reis and his staff for helping me get to where I am today.