DecisionPoint Wellness Center offers a number of ways that individuals and families can pay for treatment. We work with all private insurance companies as an out-of-network treatment provider. Give us a call with your insurance information, and we will check your benefits prior to admission. You can also pay in full for our program at the time of admission, and we will provide you with a super-bill that can be filed with your insurance company after you complete our program. For many, this is the best option because you get to take advantage of the 60% reduction in the cost by paying it all in advance, and then you can submit it to your insurance company for reimbursment.


private pay option

Lower cost
Flexible and
privacy and
motivation and
superior outcomes

DecisionPoint Wellness Center is also very affordable private pay facility for those clients that do not wish to use private insurance to fund the cost. Even at a lower cost, you still get a superior outpatient program that features flexibility, innovation, individualized treatment plans, and clinical excellence at fee that is 60% less than other outpatient programs in our area.

For many, private pay is the best option. We believe that it is important that clients feel safe and secure throughout the program to achieve optimal results. This is accomplished in part through vigorous efforts to maintain our clients' confidentiality. With private pay clients, there is a higher level of privacy and confidentiality because no personal information will ever be shared with anyone outside of DecisionPoint Wellness Center unless you, the client, give signed written consent to do so. This means no third party players will have access to your diagnosis, case notes, or any other information that you wish to keep confidential. Additionally, we are not required to give you a diagnosis that may be stigmatizing or limiting in any way. It is required by health insurance companies that a diagnosis be given in order to justify payment for services. We are not required to adhere to this stipulation or any other put forth by any third party payer. No additional information will be added to your Medical Information Bureau consumer file. Thus, information regarding your treatment will not be available for use by the Medical Information Bureau or the health and life insurance companies who comprise its membership.

Another benefit of a private pay facility is we can work together to individualize your program as needed to focus treatment on the intricacies of your unique circumstances rather than on accomodating any demands or limitations that may exist when utlizing your health insurance company. You the client benefit from the increased flexibility to tailor treatment to your specific needs.
Many clients also find that when they pay for treatment themselves, they have increased motivation to address their addiction in early recovery.
In summary, there are many benefits to a self-pay program.


Lower interest financing is available through our page at My Treatment Lender. The funds are deposited in your account within 24 hours.

one-time payment

Regardless of how a client choose to pay for treatment, there are NO REFUNDS. However, if you or a loved one relapses and you are required to go to an impatient program or a higher level of care, you can return to DecisionPoint to complete your program without paying anything else.

There are so many other options to help get you the treatment you need.
For more information on our fees and payment options, please contact: