The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at DecisionPoint is designed for people who are struggling with problems associated with addiction, problematic substance use, and the co-occurring disorders associated with substance use. Eligibility for this level of care is determined by a short initial assessment, which is conducted at our facility or by phone, regardless of your decision to attend our program. Completing this assessment allows us to determine if DecisionPoint is the right program for your needs or if another program is more suitable. After completing the initial assessment our Program Director with meet with you to discuss recommendations and options for starting treatment.

During IOP, clients will attend 3 group sessions per week that are comprised of an education group and a therapy group each IOP session. The education group involves topics such as mindfulness training, addiction and the brain, coping skills development, family dynamics, and relapse prevention. While in therapy group sessions, clients explore relevant issues alongside peers who share similar life situations and struggles. All group sessions are facilitated by experienced clinicians in order to foster a safe, supportive, and productive environment Clients generally remain in the IOP level of care for approximately 10 weeks.

Individual Therapy

In addition to participating in group sessions, every client is assigned a masters-level therapist in order to engage in individual therapy sessions at least one time each week. During individual sessions, clients will have the opportunity to address particularly difficult issues and work to resolve barriers to having a better life and achieving abstinence from substance use.

Family Counseling

At the appropriate time, the client’s individual therapist can facilitate sessions with family members or others who are important parts of the client’s support network. Family sessions are a key component supporting long-term recovery and participation in these sessions are generally part of a client’s treatment plan.



Group Sessions:

Group Sessions:

Monday Tuesday Thursday
Morning Group 10a-1p 10a-1p 10a-1p
Evening Group 6p-9p 6p-9p 6p-9p

Individual Sessions:

Monday-Friday, Scheduled according to client’s needs


CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS: Anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar illness are just a few of the additional mental health difficulties common those who struggle with substance use. At DecisionPoint we recognize that many mental health conditions predated substance use and our holistic approach is intended to help you address co-occurring issues as a part of your overall recovery.


  • Alumni Meetings: There is a strong group of DP alumni that meet every Thursday at 7:30 pm in The Legacy Club or another location for a fun activity like dinner, bowling or an Escape Room. All client’s who have completed the DecisionPoint program are eligible to participate in the group, free of charge.
  • Peer Support Meetings: DecisionPoint is pleased to host a variety of peer-support meetings including SMART Recovery, Heroin Anonymous (HA), and Refuge Recovery
  • Legacy Club Access: All current and alumni clients have access to the Legacy Club during regular business hours.


DecisionPoint Wellness is excited to offer the Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery curriculum developed by the North Georgia Mindfulness Project.  This training is incorporated into our IOP as a regular part of our programing, and it is taught by the founders of the North Georgia Mindfulness Project, Dr. Patrick Delaney and Dr. Jessica Place.  Clients learn how the power of mindfulness lies in its ability to support, complement, and functionalize different modalities of treatment for addiction used at DecisionPoint Wellness such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Relapse Prevention (RP).  Mindfulness training also helps clients identify patterns of behavior which undermine their health and well-being by offering specific techniques to manage cravings at the most critical moments in early recovery.

PROGRAM FEES & INSURANCE: DecisionPoint offers a variety of options for the payment of program fees, including using out-of-network insurance benefits. Please click here for more information and for a confidential verification of available benefits.


The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at DecisionPoint is designed for people who are struggling with problems associated with addictions, substance use and abuse, or the co-occurring disorders associated with substance use. Elgibility for this level of care is determined by a mandatory clinical and medical assessment, which is conducted at our facility as part of the admissions process. We are not your typical outpatient program. We treat our clients like family. Our approach is different because the current system of providing addiction treatment is failing. Most treatment centers are 12-step based, and the current system charges individuals over and over again for the same treatment if they relapse. DecisionPoint is not a 12-step based program, because we don’t believe in charging you for program you can get for free. There are many paths to recovery, but only one for you, and we will help you find the peer support group that works best for you. We believe that your treatment should reflect what you need to be successful in long-term recovery. We help you learn how to stay sober in the real world while living at home with your family, working, going to school, and taking care of your normal responsibilities. If you ever need treatment after completing our IOP program, you can return to DecisionPoint at no additional cost. Our one-time treatment fee is part of the DecisionPoint Difference.

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