MHC Therapy

DecisionPoint Wellness Center has mental health professionals that specialize in a wide array of mental health concerns to meet your specific needs.  Following your free wellness assessment, our clinical team will pair you with a therapist that specializes in your area of concern. Our Wellness Membership Plan provides you with the ability to schedule same day appointments along with the flexibility to change therapists if desired.


At DecisionPoint Wellness, we believe living life to fullest starts with self-care. Our innovative membership program is a proactive approach where individuals and families can actively work on good mental health as their life progresses and changes. The current system for getting this type of care makes it difficult to find a therapist that specializes in your area of concern, and if you do, you either have a long wait for your first appointment or their fees are so high that it’s unaffordable. Most therapists claim to be able to treat every mental health condition imaginable, but that’s impossible. That’s why the therapists at DecisionPoint specialize in specific areas of treatment, and our Wellness Membership plan makes getting help more affordable than insurance. It all starts with a Free assessment. Clients are then assigned a specialist. Being a member of our program, you will also receive priority scheduling and therapist flexibility. Psychotherapy for is available for people of all ages: Children, Teens, Adults, the Elderly, and Veterans. We specialize in trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, couple and marriage to name a few, and we use the latest modalities like DBT, CBT, DFT, Gottman, and EMDR.