DecisionPoint Wellness is an outpatient treatment center that provides programs for addiction and mental health concerns. Our outpatient treatment is an effective local alternative to treatment, without putting you through the distress of leaving your job and family.

What makes DP Wellness different?


We provide a free consultation and assessment that follows the level of care placement criteria established by ASAM. Based on your individual assessment, our professionals will recommend the appropriate level of care ranging from detox, to outpatient or inpatient treatment. Our primary concern is your health and getting the care you need even if it isn’t our program. We are a community resource for substance abuse treatment that helps people cut through the confusion to get the help they really need for their addiction.


Our clients only pay for our intensive outpatient program one time. If a client relapses multiple times, and we must refer them to a higher level of care like residential treatment, the client will return to complete our program at no charge. If a client relapses after completing our program, we will provide support to get them back on track at no charge. Unlike other treatment providers, we do not believe in charging our clients repeatedly for the same treatment. Clients are also welcome to attend IOP sessions for if they want after graduation without charge if there is space in the group.


Our one-time fee covers all program costs and includes: 2 ASI (addiction severity index) assessments, all study materials, a customized individual treatment plan, a recovery Kindle for self-help apps and IOP presentations, 2 family counseling sessions with a PH.D. level therapist, a weekly support group for loved ones, optional participation of family at every Saturday IOP session, 8 individual client counseling sessions, 24 3-hour group sessions, Legacy Club parties, events, and outside activities at no charge, relapse prevention plan, 9 months membership in The Legacy Club, free Alumni group meetings and recovery management after graduation. Ours is a 12-month program for less than the cost of IOP treatment alone.


Our clients have multiple day and time options when it comes to attending group and individual counseling sessions. We believe that treatment should be a part of the client’s life and not an intrusion. Clients can take up to 90 days to complete our intensive outpatient program. We also work with special circumstances to meet the needs of the client to accommodate their lifestyle needs.


At DP Wellness, we believe there are multiple paths on the road to recovery…one size does not fit all. AA, NA and other 12 step support groups are a wonderful way for many people to stay sober, but they are not the only way. We don’t believe in charging for a program you can get for free on your own or taking time away from evidence based treatment to work steps that you can do outside of treatment. We will teach you about all the support groups out there to help with your recovery including 12 step groups, HA, NA, AA, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery and Refuge Recovery to name a few. It is important that clients pick the program they believe will work best for them in building a sober support network.


No outpatient treatment program has anything like The Legacy Club. TLC is an 1800 square foot sober social environment for clients and individuals in recovery that facilitates building a strong sober support network. Maintaining sobriety is so difficult unless you can connect with others in a safe place to have fun. The Legacy Club looks like a nice Starbucks combined with a sports bar but without the alcohol. TLC is the perfect place to work on your laptop, play video games or board games, attend meetings, read, meet with friends, join a group, or just relax. Our events include movie nights, Karaoke, sober comedy, speakers and more. Amenities include a 140" high def projector screen and a 55" flat screen behind our sober bar. All snacks and beverages are complimentary. The Legacy Club is also the home to weekly community support groups for adults and adolescents like SMART Recovery, Heroin Anonymous, Refuge Recovery and Pathways 2 Life.


DP Wellness is the most innovative and effective substance abuse and mental health treatment provider around. While the addiction relapse rate at most residential programs ranges from 40% to 90% within one year, more than 85% of our clients remained in long-term recovery after one year. Over 90% of our clients remained sober after six months. Our medical director is an addictionologist as well as a psychiatrist. Our staff is made up of Masters level addiction counselors and mental health specialists that deal exclusively with trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, pain management, nutrition in addition to individual, couples, and family therapy. We use the latest methodology and technology to treat our clients including DBT, CBT, EDMR, Gottman, acupuncture and FastVitaminIV for general wellness. Our substance abuse care is for adults 18 and above, however we work with children, teens, and adults that need mental health care. At DecisionPoint Wellness, we can tailor an outpatient mental health and substance abuse program to meet your needs.


Mike Reis is the founder, chief executive officer, and servant leader of an innovative outpatient treatment center for men, woman, and families that struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.  Mike is also a mentor, author, inspirational keynote speaker, a level II certified alcohol and drug counselor, a certified anger management specialist, a noted visionary in the field of addiction recovery.  After winning his 35-year battle against alcoholism and other substance use disorders, Mike felt called to dedicate his life to serving those that need help, hope and love in overcoming this devastating disease.

Mike's son and the co-author of their book Recovery of a Lifetime, is NFL Super Bowl XLIV hero, champion and former New Orleans Saints safety Chris Reis.  Chris became part of football history when he recovered the onside kick at the beginning of the second half against the Indianapolis Colts, which is credited for altering the mood—and the course—of the entire game itself.  It was that play and the spirit-led principles of how Chris led his life off the field that inspired Mike to make a recovery of his own. Mike tells all about his dark and painful past to give others hope and to inspire them to get the help they need. By publicly sharing his story, Mike wants to break the stigma of addiction so others can enjoy a purpose-filled life that only comes through long-term sobriety.  Mike is passionate about teaching men and woman that leaving a Legacy that they can be proud of will positively impact their family for generations to come.   

Mike enjoyed a successful career as an executive with some of the world’s best known brands like Hallmark Cards, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group, PepsiCo, and ConAgra Foods before starting DecisionPoint Wellness Center in 2015.  He graduated with honors from Georgia State University with a B.A. in liberal arts and business.  Mike is a member of several state and national addiction certification boards and counseling associations.  Today, DecisionPoint Wellness Center in Johns Creek, GA is setting a new standard of excellence for outpatient substance abuse and mental health care by utilizing cutting edge therapy modalities and philosophies at an exceptional value.  He believes in an evidence based approach where mind, body, and spirit are integrated to achieve optimal functioning and quality of life.  Mike continues to investigate the latest in treatment options in his pursuit to expand, grow, and serve more individuals and families in 2018 and beyond.  

Mike lives in Sandy Springs, GA where he grew up.  He is the father of four adult children, Mike, Chris, Matt and Laura, and grand father to eight wonderful grandkids.   

If your group or organization is interested in having Mike speak at your next event, please send an email request to


The uplifting story of a Super Bowl hero son who inspired his father to win his battle against a lifetime of addictions…

Mike Reis grew up the son of a boozing  father and a teenage mother. Sexually abused and terrorized by his grandmother, Mike discovered sex at an early age and numbed his emotional pain with alcohol.  An early marriage to a high school sweet-heart and the subsequent birth of two sons failed to tame his desire for extra-marital trysts and all-night drinking escapades.

An affair led to the destruction of his first marriage and left two preschool-aged sons without a father in the home.  The younger son was Chris Reis, a two-year-old who didn't understand why his father had abandoned him. The distance between father and son remained a chasm as wide as the Grand Canyon during the boy's younger years.

In high school, Chris turned to God for direction and guidance.  He went on to play football at Georgia Tech where he became active in his faith. Against all odds, Chris won a spot on the New Orleans Saints roster where he later recovered the famous "Ambush" onside kick that propelled the Saints to an unlikely victory in Super Bowl XLIV in early 2010.  But there was one more recovery that needed to be made in Chris' family - his father's recovery from a lifelong addiction to sex and alcohol. Recovery of a Lifetime is their compelling father-and-son story. This pair collaborated on Recovery of a Lifetime in the belief that sharing their story will empower others to overcome challenges they face.

"There are many aspects of my life of which I am not proud," commented Mike Reis. "It was not easy to share such private details of our family life and personal history, but we do so in the hope that others will recognize a piece of themselves in our story and know that there is always a way to set things right. It is never too late to become the person you are intended to be." 

"I’m humbled that I was able to inspire a turn-around in my dad’s life and now want to encourage others to break the chains of their past," commented Chris Reis. "I felt that I had a calling to write this book with my dad to share our story. I want to inspire people to live a more purposeful life."

While sports fans will be intrigued by the inside story of Chris’ football career and the memorable Super Bowl play, the main themes of the book are redemption and breaking the patterns of generational problems. Both Chris and Mike speak candidly about their Christian faith and the role it plays in their lives and relationships. And the book addresses Mike’s troubled family history, how it influenced his choices and, ultimately, how he was able to break free of the patterns established by previous generations.  You won’t be able to put this book down.  Order a copy today available only on AMAZON.