DecisionPoint Wellness is an outpatient treatment center that provides services for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our outpatient treatment is an effective local alternative to residential treatment, without putting you through the distress of leaving your job and family.

What makes DP Wellness different?


We provide a free consultation and assessment that follows the level of care placement criteria established by American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Based on your individual assessment, our professionals will recommend the appropriate level of care ranging from detox to residential or outpatient treatment. Our primary concern is your health and getting the care you need even if it isn’t our program. We are a community resource for substance use treatment that helps people cut through the confusion to get the help they need for their addiction.


Our program is designed to be comprehensive and includes the following: Extensive admission assessment by masters-level clinician, ongoing utilization of assessment instruments to track progress and adjust treatment, weekly individual therapy sessions, development of an individualized treatment plan, counseling sessions with family members and other important supports, regular urine drug screening to support accountability, access to Legacy Club amenities and events, discharge planning, and weekly Alumni group meetings.


We believe it is important to offer flexibility while providing the necessary structure to support recovery. Therefore, our clients have multiple day and time options when it comes to attending group and individual counseling sessions. We recognize the time commitment required to engage in treatment and we work with our clients to accommodate their scheduling needs.


No outpatient treatment program has anything like The Legacy Club. TLC is an 1800 square foot sober social environment for clients intended to facilitate building a strong sober support network. TLC is the perfect place to work on your laptop, play video games or board games, attend meetings, read, meet with friends, join a group, or just relax. Amenities include a 140" high def projector screen and a 55" flat screen behind our sober bar. The Legacy Club is also the home to weekly community support groups for adults and adolescents like SMART Recovery, Heroin Anonymous, Refuge Recovery and Pathways 2 Life.


At DP Wellness, we believe there are multiple paths on the road to recovery…one size does not fit all. AA, NA and other 12 step support groups are a wonderful way for many people to stay sober, but they are not the only way. We don’t believe in charging for a program you can get for free on your own or taking time away from evidence based treatment to work steps that you can do outside of treatment. We will teach you about all the support groups out there to help with your recovery including 12 step groups, HA, NA, AA, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery and Refuge Recovery to name a few. It is important that clients pick the program they believe will work best for them in building a sober support network.