Ask DPWC Q&A #3

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Question: Hello DPWC, I want to get help for a drinking problem. I have hidden it from my family and Employer but know I cannot get away with it for much longer. I do not want anyone to know. Is there a way to get help without anyone knowing? Anonymous

Answer: Thank you for your question! Many people are afraid to go public with an addiction issue. I strongly recommend you connect with someone you trust and can rely on during your recovery. DecisionPoint services are strictly confidential. We can not and will not share your information with any third party without your written consent. The only exception would be if you are threatening to hurt yourself or someone else. We offer a discounted self- pay rate that will not be filed under your insurance unless you file it yourself with a Super Bill of your IOP cost. If you do not have family or friends that you are comfortable sharing your recovery with, you will find a strong and loving Sober network at DecisionPoint. Do not let fear stop you from seeking the help and support you need.


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