Ask DPWC Q&A #2

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Question: I have been in and out of treatment centers and I got right back to using within weeks of getting out. I have tried everything! I do not think I can quit. Nothing works for me! HELP!

Answer:. You are not alone. The average success rate in Rehabilitation is less than 30%. That means approximately 70% of addicts that seek treatment fail within one year of the program. DecisionPoint Wellness Center wanted to change these statistics and create a program that serves the client, not the industry. They took some commonly known facts about addiction and recovery and created a program that would treat all the client’s issues, not just one. Addiction, Mental Health, Peer Support, Recovery Training, Connection, After Care. You can not take one step towards recovery and expect to be healed. It is a lifetime journey.  I hope you will try again, with new hope and new direction. You can overcome addiction, but it is close to impossible to succeed if you do not have the knowledge and support through ALL the stages and ALL the issues.


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