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Question: I am a single working Mother. I do not have time to attend meetings. I really want to quit drinking, but there is not enough time in my day to go and listen to other people’s problems. Is there an on-line group that I could tune into in my spare time?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, there are on-line meetings that you can assess 24 hours a day. I recommend However, it appears that you have a misguided view of what recovery is really like. Recovery comes from inner strength and self-love. Groups are established to create a support system and connection to over come your addictions. Addiction Recovery is not just “one more thing on your daily do-list”. It is a life change for the better. Your children, your career, your health and all aspects of your life will greatly improve with a serious mindset to establish a life of Sobriety. DecisionPoint Wellness Center offers Intensive Outpatient Programs with flexible hours. You can attend in the mornings, evenings and on Saturdays. They have free meetings Monday-Friday and one on Sunday. You have made time in your life for addiction. Make a change and utilize that time for something far more rewarding.

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